Obamacare Loophole

A recent article in the WSJ talks about what companies will start doing once the Obamacare takes over the land.   Most companies now have 9 months to get their crap together in order to make sure their employees are covered….or not.    What I noticed in the piece that took me by surprise was this:

One client, he said, asked him to examine the possibility of structuring employee premiums so that some workers would become eligible for federal exchange subsidies, but only if they decided to forfeit financial incentives tied to a wellness program. The likely upshot: the lower-income workers who were the least engaged in health-related activities, and thus potentially the priciest to cover, could end up opting out of the company’s plan.

Did you get that?  What the company would do is cherry pick their healthiest clients.   They would “move” the rest onto the public tab!

Let the games begin.

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