Slate Hammers The Great Dr. Oz

Here is a recent article on Slate that absolutely slams Dr. Oz.   Basically, it gives examples of how he turns little scientific studies, discoveries or anomalies into massive trends.    The problem is that most of these recommendations may be BS.   I recommend you read it because it makes some great points.  The bottom line is that Oz is a cardiothoracic surgeon who caught Oprah’s eye with a new book.  That led to a spiral of success and a talk show for middle-aged women.  His entire show is geared around making them happy and to do that he has to sell a little of his soul.  Such is Hollywood.   The problem with that is that he now has too much power.  Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.  Why he doesn’t walk and take his integrity with him is beyond me?    I am sure he has made enough money.

Oh, and one more thing.  He has always seem like a big douche to me.  Just had to throw that in.

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