Behind The Curtain of Oz

We have done blogs on Dr. Oz before.  And yes, I have called him a big douche.   Still believe it, too.   That being said, he is a smart dude and with an impressive pedigree.  This story in the New Yorker is extensive and very detailed about his history.  They give him his due but also are very critical of some of the things he does.  He wields a lot of power so he needs to be careful, which unfortunately he seems to forget.   They call it “Medutainment” in the article and that is exactly what you get.  Face it, proven facts are boring.  The show would be stale if Oz didn’t bring out the freaks and then put them on the freak show.  I get it.  What Oz doesn’t get is that he can’t have it both ways in life.  It is either doctor or talk show host.  Sanjay, I am sure, is going through the same struggle.   I was blown away to read that Dr. Oz’s mentor states in the article that he would not send him a heart patient.  Ouch. The New Yorker author himself is astonished when Oz says, “You find the arguments that support your data and it’s my fact versus your fact.” That basically says it all.   Oz needs to be an entertainer and not pretend to be what he was.

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