Doctor Integration

Remember how many of my readers mentioned that we physicians have been assimilated by the Borg?  Well, Moody’s Investors Service says the key to stronger hospital finances is “doctor integration”.  I just love these new phrases they come up with about our collective surrender.  Here is more of what the AMN article said:

  • But hospitals have taken positive steps that have prevented an even greater negative impact.  Among them are mergers and acquisitions of other hospitals, long-term care facilities and physician practices. 
  • These forces have meant that doctors are being drawn more closely into hospital operations and decision-making through joint ventures and hospital board memberships, especially as more doctors are employed instead of working in their own practices, she said.
  • They also don’t expect an abating of physician practice acquisitions and increased doctor employment at hospitals because those trends have grown “in part due to physician preference.” Numerous surveys have shown an increasing number of doctors employed rather than in independent practice, or willing to consider such an arrangement.

Doctors doing decision making at hospitals?  Yeah, right.  It’s like the Royal Family making any real decisions across the pond.

Doctor employment due to physician preference?  What!  The cards are stacked against putting up your own shingle.  I have known only a few who have done it.   My hat and respect (and jealousy) go out to those brave souls.

There needs to be a Vaseline version just for physicians.  You know, like they do for Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream?   How about “Dr. Ben Dover Edition” or “Spineless Surgeon Edition”?  Got any other ideas?

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