Dr. Krazy Glue

A man posing as a doctor has been arrested in Florida for giving silicone injections to people……in hotel rooms.   Hmmmmm.  Now wouldn’t you be suspicious of meeting your doctor in a hotel room?  Calvin Edward Butler, 44, also known as Tamieka Butler (yes, a woman’s name), performed the injections at El Patio Motel dating back to June 2012.  Butler would pour out a clear liquid from a Pedialyte bottle, telling the victims it was sterile silicone.   Huh?  Sterile silicone from a Pedialyte bottle.  That’s weird.  He then filled syringes from the cup which he used to inject into one woman’s buttocks and use Krazy Glue to seal the incisions.   All this great care for only $200 per injection session!  Well, obviously things went wrong or we wouldn’t have story.  The first victim, a lady, began having painful nodules at the injection sites and then they became open and oozing wounds after which she became febrile.  After being treated by the hospital she is still disfigured.  Go figure?   Butler did this same procedure to a second victim, a man, who had to be admitted to the hospital where they found MRSA at the site.   My favorite part of the article is at the end.  Remember the old line that the “criminal always returns to the scene of the crime”?  Well, this is close.  As the second victim was recovering at the hospital “Butler paid him an unannounced visit in December, arriving dressed as a woman with a wig and fur coat and several large pieces of jewelry, the report said.  When the man asked Butler what he was doing there, Butler responded, You need to remember who the bi— in charge is”.   I guess that bitch is Dr. Krazy Glue.  You would think people are smarter than that?   You would think that they would be leery of guy/girl who wants to give you silicone injections out of a Pedialyte bottle and then seal with it Krazy Glue?  But most importantly, you would think that they would look at the “doctor’s face” and realize maybe he has been injecting himself and has no idea what he is doing!  Yes, the picture above is not one of the victims but of the supposed “doctor”!


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