Electronic Health Record Quality

Here is the link to a study published in the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association.  First all, the fact that they need a continuing journal with grant funded studies on EHR/EMRs is just how far we have lost touch with humanity.   But below is the first section of the abstract.   Read the objective of the study:

Physicians who more intensively interact with electronic health records (EHRs) through their documentation style may pay greater attention to coded fields and clinical decision support and thus may deliver higher quality care. We measured the quality of care of physicians who used three predominating EHR documentation styles: dictation, structured documentation, and free text.

Did anyone else laugh as they read this?   Just visualizing some doctors intensively interacting with their computer was hilarious to me.  I know some docs who have so intensively interacted with their computer that they broke it.   Others had to wipe off the screen (joking).   Anyway, so the premise of the study is what really bothered me.  They forever in their mind link up that EHR use and clicking “coded fields” will equal higher quality care.   Can you see now why I get so crazy when people throw the term “quality” around?

This study was sent to my by John who said:

 I guess talking and listening to your patients is inferior to having your nurse run a largely irrelevant checklist which provides much useless repetitive information for overdocumentation and overbilling. Patient clinical outcome was not important enough to be addressed in this study.

Thanks for sending this gem in!

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