It’s All About The Energy


It looks like balance trumps granola.   Scientists have always claimed that a plant-based diet benefits the environment more than animal-based diet.  The problem is that no one has proven that.  The authors of a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition set out to do just that and the results of their study showed that:

  •  “highest-quality” diets in health terms – those high in fruit, vegetables and fish – were linked to about as much, if not more, greenhouse gas emissions as low-quality diets that were high in sweets and salts.
  • people who eat a plant-based diet need to eat more produce to get the amount of energy they’d have in a piece of meat
I had been a vegetarian for over twenty years.    Without going into detail, I decided to switch back to eating some meat products.  It has been a struggle (as far as taste and the mental part).   That being said, we always need to careful when we claim some moral superiority in how we eat.  This study proves just that.
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