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Researchers surveyed 543 college students and provided them with three episode-of-care vignettes in which they visited a physician. Everything about the care provided was the same except how the doctor reached the diagnosis: unaided, with the EHR’s help, or consulting another physician specialist. The EHR-assisted physicians were graded lower — at about the same rate as populations in other studies — than those who made their diagnosis without any consultation. However, doctors who consulted another specialist were rated virtually the same as those who made the diagnosis unaided.

January issue of Medical Decision Making

From the AMN article where I found this study:

“Perhaps it’s this intrusion into a human relationship, this relationship between patients and their providers,” said Shaffer, assistant professor of health science and psychological sciences. “The doctor’s focus seems to be elsewhere.”

Yeah, ya’ think?  Why is that so surprising to some people?

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