The NOT So Good Old Days

This came in from a loyal reader, Ana Gratacos, after she read this article entitled Walmart to Offer Heath Screening Stations:

I am an old fashioned person, at the same time I embrace technology, but this one I really dislike, especially when it says:

  • But SoloHealth’s backers do have larger plans. The Duluth, Ga.-based company aims to expand its kiosk offerings to teach people how to quit smoking, test whether they are at risk for diabetes, and even enroll them in health coverage.
  • Technology “has become a new arm of the healthcare delivery system,” says Jay Sanders, an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University and CEO of The Global Telemedicine Group, a consulting firm in McLean, Va. “You need to bring the exam room to where the patient is, not where the doctor is.”
 Makes me feel sick. Getting back to the not so good old days.
Yup, Ana, gets it.
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