Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat

The controversy over fat continues.   I debate it with people all the time.  Since the seventies (long story on how it began) people have it ingrained in them that the fat they eat is what makes them fat.    This hoax has been shaken somewhat by the advocacy of healthy fats.    Now some more news.   Switching a toddler from whole milk to skim milk does not prevent obesity:

Logic would suggest that giving children low-fat milk would help protect them from putting on excess pounds, but the reality is more complex, explained the research team led by Mark Daniel DeBoer, an associate professor in the pediatric endocrinology division at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. They suggested that milk fat may increase the feeling of fullness and reduce a child’s appetite for other fatty or calorie-dense foods.

This does not mean kids should be eating all the fatty foods they want.  It means healthy fats (even some saturated fats) are needed for their brain and body.  It is the other crap they need to pay attention to: eating too many processed foods, too little activity, etc.

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