Getting Real by Pat Conrad MD

In keeping with the mission statement of this blog, let us acknowledge our esteemed editor’s vision of that medicine which is “authentic”, to include the humorous aspect of the art.  I have a lot of problems with a LOT of that which passes for medicine these days, but I am truly grateful to be involved in the absolute funniest profession I could have ever known this side of a self-medicating manic standup wannabe.  An x-ray tech, himself a former EMT, shared with me a vision of truly “authentic medicine”, which I now share with you.  While I cannot attest to the actual authenticity of this picture, I can say that should anyone ask me whether or not they should go into emergency medicine, I would have but to show them this photo, and say that if you pursue this avocation, then at some point, THIS will be your patient, and these will be the distraught family members with which you have to contend.
*Editor’s note:  my favorite part, by far, is the bunny being consoled in the background. 
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