Health Benefits Store

Man, it is good to have money because then you do things like this.   United Healthcare opened a health benefits store in New York’s Chinatown in February.  That is their  23rd such store!  These places get about 3000 visitors a month.    The 11,000-square-foot Asian Plaza allows visitors to:

  • Discuss their health care benefits with customer service professionals.
  • Staff will help them apply for more than 15 state and federal social service programs.
  • The store has computers to help visitors find health information.
  • Blood pressure, pulse rate and body mass index are measured at kiosks.
  • The insurer also will host free educational seminars there.

If you are a doctor, you better hope that United Healthcare gives you a good rating because I can foresee a time where they will have live people directing patients to another doctor.  Think of a stupid Verizon stores where these posers are all dressed up speaking like experts about a damn phone.  Now you have “expert healthcare” posers saying, “Dr. Smith has a lower rating in his quality metrics of obesity and hypertension and therefore his copay is $30. You may want to try another model.  Oh, here is one. Dr. Jones has very nice metrics and her copay is only $10.”

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