Importing Doctors

NPR is now trying to make the point that doctors from other countries do basically what we do,  so why not import more of them into the US?  Check out the article here.  Wow, can we be marginalized any more?  First it is midlevels and now it is foreign docs.  Why do some people keep trying to get rid of us?   For this NPR writer, our job, as doctors, is very simple.  “First, do no harm. Second, take a look at this weird bump and tell me if I should get worried. The job is basically the same in many countries around the world.”    He figures that since we import other products to save money, let’s important doctors too.  In other words, we are just a “product” now.  His big beef is that there are too many regulations stopping this process.    And here is my favorite part.  They use the good old “rural area” routine .  You know that one.  In this case, the author uses it to insinuate that these new foreign docs would clamor over each other to work in North Dakota or rural Alabama.

And the benefit, he argues, isn’t just for foreign doctors, or rural areas where they might work.

This same excuse is being used, and always has been, by LELTs to get them to go to the rural areas.  Funny thing, it is just that….an excuse.  It never works.  They always come back to live in the better areas.  It’s an age old distraction technique to get others to open the door for them and give them more power.  And now the same idiots want to do the same thing for foreign docs.  Can’t we just find a way to incentivize medical students to go into primary care?  Close the pay gap with specialists.  It’s that simple.

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