The Brits Got It Better, Right?

Here is an eye-opening story from across the pond.  A report recently released exposed some of the horrors occurring at an English hospital.  Stories from patients being left moaning in their own waste to family members forced to bring in food are among just some of the dreadful treatments doled out in that facility.   The report also shows “patients were ignored as they pleaded for clean sheets and even water, and it says certainly thousands died from the neglect”.  British Prime Minister David Cameron doesn’t believe the problems are restricted to a single facility.  Wait a minute.    I thought their National Health System was perfect?

  • “Calls for help to use the bathroom were ignored and patients were left lying in soiled sheeting and sitting on commodes for hours, often feeling ashamed and afraid,” reads the report, written by lawyer Robert Francis.
  • “Patients were left unwashed, at times for up to a month. Food and drinks were left out of the reach of patients and many were forced to rely on family members for help with feeding,” added Francis, who was appointed to investigate the hospital in 2009 after it showed a higher-than-usual rate of deaths
What was the cause?  Well, they are blaming the nurses:
“The inquiry found that a chronic shortage of staff, particularly nursing staff, was largely responsible for the substandard care.  Staff who spoke out felt ignored and there is strong evidence that many were deterred from doing so through fear and bullying.”  
Sound familiar?  We are doing the same thing here.  So what is England going to do?

Cameron said he would get help from an American – Dr. Donald Berwick, who was appointed President Barack Obama’s administrator of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, but who finally stepped down after Republicans in Congress refused to confirm his appointment. Many Republicans were infuriated by Berwick’s praise of Britain’s NHS.

OMG.  They are going to get the guy who is the poster boy for “industrialized medicine” and bogus quality measures.   Maybe he can set up more beeps and whistles to watch these patients and get rid of the rest those expensive and pesky nurses?

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