Resident Disability

I’m sorry but sometimes old school traditions should stick.   Take, for example, this medical resident.  She is suing Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and four physicians over allegations that DHMC did not sufficiently accommodate her disability during her training.  Her issue?   It turns out she has severe and chronic insomnia “and said that during her residency from 2008 to 2010, DHMC physicians forced her to be on overnight call shifts even though doing so worsened her condition, according to the lawsuit.”  Call me crazy, that’s what radiologists do.   In order to make ridiculous and disproportionate money, they have to stay up at night sometimes. If she had insomnia I am not sure why that would be a problem anyway?   That being said, some career descriptions are what they are and if that job is not for you then you probably shouldn’t take that path.  I know making $400K with 16 weeks off is tempting but sometimes you need to pay your dues.   It shouldn’t just be handed to someone.  Or else I would take it!




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