The Independent Medical Exam

For those who have not had the joy of doing an independent medical exam,  I thought I would share this.  The following is from a long time friend of the Placebo Journal and Authentic Medicine Gazette:
I performed an Independent Medical Exam. Please note the word “independent”. The intermediary company sent over a thousand pages of records, namely the chart three times. I had to review all the pages because there were things included the second and third times not included the first time. I noted that I reviewed over a thousand pages, examined the patient, wrote the report and sent it to The Company.
Then the fun began. I use the word loosely.
The Company demanded that I remove that I reviewed a thousand pages because the chart was only 380 pages. I refused because they sent the chart three times and I had to review all the pages.
The Client that contracted The Company then started Their Demands. At first it was typos.
Then More Fun began. They wanted to change the composition of The Independent Medical Exam.
I told them that if they continued Their Demands, I would document that they wanted to change The Independent Medical Exam and submit it to the opposing lawyer, who would love it.
The Demands stopped. Now they have started Death by Clarification Letter.
They asked if need for amputation was directly related to the alleged injury. I said no, the need for amputation was not directly related to the alleged injury.
Next Death by Clarification Letter: Our client prefers not just a sentence, but paragraphs and wants to know if the need for amputation is partially related to the alleged injury.
I was tempted to write: Did I not use small enough words for Your Client? Because by the English language, if something is not directly related, it cannot be partially related.
You and I know that they meant indirectly related, but now I was pissed. My office manager would not let me use the above language. So I wrote that it was not partially related BUT I wrote on the FAX cover letter:
“Did I not use small enough words for your client? I am beyond irritation and I am now amused.”
Ah….the joys of medicine.
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