AAFP Deletes My Post


I was very excited when Josh Umbehr MD at Atlas.MD told me that the AAFP had interviewed him and was doing a piece called Get the Inside Scoop on Running a Direct Primary Care Practice.  As you can see from the link it is a webinar where he will be:

  • discussing the evolution of the direct primary care model,
  • sharing personal stories about improved patient care and physician satisfaction, and
  • providing insight into how the model can revive a practice and increase its revenue.

That is when I noticed the comments.  It seems Michael Oppenheim decided to put his two cents in by saying:

Concierge medicine is sleazy. It aims to maximize income and personal convenience. I’m comfortable labeling doctors who claim otherwise as hypocrites, and that includes several I know personally.

Really?  There wasn’t even a story to comment on and yet this idiot has to give his personal opinion.   And we wonder why family docs gets no where in this profession of medicine.  Is maximizing income and personal convenience bad?

I decided to leave this comment on the AAFP New Now site:

Well, Michael, I am very pro “concierge” care as per the way Atlas MD does it.  Now if you think his system is sleazy then that is your prerogative.  Just as it is my prerogative to call you a royal douche.

Unfortunately, I received the following email:

Your forum post was deleted by a moderator.

Reason: Dr. Farrago, Please be advised that we are removing your comment because of the use of an offensive term, which is prohibited by AAFP commenting guidelines. Please keep this in mind when you make future comments. Thank you. Nancy Kuehl, Executive Editor AAFP News Now

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Of course the person sending me this email, Nancy Kuehl, did not attach her own email address so I could respond…….but I found it with a little digging.  I sent her this:

Was it the word “royal”?  I will refrain from using that from now on.   I promise.  –  Doug

 No response from Nancy yet.
By all means, if anyone wants to leave a message hammering the royal douche, go right ahead and do so on the link I provided above.
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