Dr. Poop


Say hello to Emory University medical resident, Dr. Hunter Johnson,  who has donated stool samples for multiple patients who need life-saving procedures called fecal transplants.  I always wanted to do a parody on the this procedure for the Placebo Journal but never got around to it.  Pity.  Fecal transplants are becoming a treatment of choice for recurrent C. diff infections.  Basically, you take stool from a healthy patient and transplant it into the colon of a C. diff sufferer to restore the balance of bacteria. It’s not pretty.  The story in this NBC news piece about Dr. Johnson is heartwarming if not gut wrenching.  I love the quote where it says:

In addition, a good donor has to have predictable bowel habits and be able to perform, as it were, on demand. Johnson typically donates on the morning of a patient’s transplant. “They want it to be relatively fresh,” he said.

How can you not laugh?   What if they need some stool stat?  Do they order in Taco Bell for Dr.  Johnson?  Well, you have to give this guy credit.   He may have a shitty job but feels good about himself.    What?  You didn’t think I would pass up a chance to get cheap laughs, did you?   Think about it.  The rest of this doctor’s life he will be shit on so why not enjoy his time to shine while he has it?   Okay, I will stop.  Please, send me your jokes or puns and I will make a top ten list for next week.

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