Go Get’em, AAPS!


As a family doctor who has to do 50 CME credits a year, more yearly bogus educational stuff for my company (both at the hospitals I worked for and at the urgent care), yearly horseshit SAMS, and recertification of my boards (for the third time) soon, I love the AAPS. The Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS) is suing the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) for “restraining trade and causing a reduction in access by patients to their physicians”.  From this Physician News article, they claim the ABMS:

  • Has entered into agreements with 24 other corporations to impose enormous “recertification” burdens on physicians, which are not justified by any significant improvements in patient care.
  • Has a proprietary, trademarked program of recertification, called the “ABMS Maintenance of Certification” or “ABMS MOC”, which brings in many tens of millions of dollars in revenue to ABMS and the 24 allied corporations.
  • Pays prodigious salaries to their executives, often in excess of $700,000 per year. But their recertification demands take physicians away from their patients, and result in hospitals denying patients access to their physicians.

I love it.  Right now they are going after the ABMS.   Please, please, please, go after the American Board of Family Medicine next!   They are a money-churning machine and no family doctor I know likes them or believes in their product.    We all think the recertifications are too costly, too hard (they promise to fail a certain percentage no matter what), the SAMS are stupid, the quality tracking of patients for credit is unproven  and on and on…..and yet we are still prisoner to do what they want.   Man, this whole lack of control thing really is pervasive for physicians, isn’t it?


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