Handicapped Tour Guides


Here is a story in the NY Post claiming that wealthy Manhattan moms are hiring handicapped tour guides to bypass the lines at Walt Disney World.   I can understand the outrage but let’s look at it from another angle.  It gets a real nice payday for real handicapped people.  Besides. there are so many questionable handicapped people at WDW that the lines of what really is defined as “handicapped” have been blurred anyway.   My family and I vacation there quite often and have been there when it is mostly European visitors (because American kids are in school) and the difference is amazing.  The amount of obesity is minimal and there are a lot less motorized carts getting ahead of the lines.  Being there during a regular American spring break is whole other animal.  So this story about wealthy Manhattan moms may make your skin crawl but seeing a slice of Americana on a crowded Walt Disney World Trip when it is our grossly overweight or obese citizens may make you just as sick.

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