What If Your EMR Sucked?


Every doc has to use an EMR/EHR but what if the one you bought really sucked?  Well, that issue is being tested in court according to the American Medical News.  Anesthesiologist Robert Joseph, MD, spent $40,000 but claims that the system never worked effectively and failed to meet the federal regulatory requirements promised by Allscripts.  Even worse,  Allscripts would not provide a refund nor let the practice out of its contract. Now, Dr. Joseph and three other practices are launching a first-of-its-kind, class-action lawsuit against Allscripts.   The biggest question is whether this is the tip of the iceberg prompting more lawsuits to come?  At least a quarter of docs are dissatisfied with their EMRs especially after paying a lot of money for them so you better believe this is a trend that will continue.  In fact, the attorney representing the above doctors said about 50 practices have contacted him about joining the Allscripts suit since it was filed.   Ouch.

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