Defensive Medicine Truly Exists, Idiot


In a recent edition of the Family Practice News, Dr. William G. Wilkoff explains why defensive medicine needs to be accounted for.  He summarizes the bogus studies which showed that states that enacted reforms have experienced a 2%-5% reduction in health care spending. What is interesting is that the authors of one of these often-cited studies devaluing defensive medicine have recently rethought their position. They even wrote in the WJS that “even in reform states, doctors continue to practice defensive medicine. The changes in the malpractice system have done little to change physicians’ perceptions of the risk of being sued.” Professors Chandra, Jena, and Seabury postulate that malpractice reforms have done little to influence the defensive behavior of physicians because most reforms have focused on “restricting the size of damages without necessarily targeting the frequency of malpractice claims.” Wilkoff thinks those researchers “have done us a great service by acknowledging that their original work may have resulted in flawed conclusions.”  Hardly.  Nothing will change.  There are no fixes in the Affordable Care Act to cut back on litigation.  There is no tort reform.   Until these authors somehow extort the lawyer lobby, two-thirds of all physicians will continue to practicing defensive medicine.  And the cost of healthcare will continue to be sky high.

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