Direct Primary Care Cherry Picking?


Now I know how the government and the naysayers are going to try and stop the Direct Primary Care trend.  Here is a great article on the CNN website that highlights my friends over at  At the bottom they quote some idiot who is the director of health policy at the consumer advocacy group Families U.S.A.  Kathleen Stoll fears that doctors who switch to a cash-only model “will drive away the patients who can’t afford a monthly membership fee or thousands of dollars for an operation.”

  • “They cherry-pick among their patient population to serve only the wealthier ones,” Stoll said. “It certainly creates a barrier to care.”
  • She’s also concerned that the limited scope of the discounts these doctors negotiate for services outside their purview may not cut it if a patient comes down with a really serious illness.
  • “I’m always cautious when it’s a cash basis,” she said. “Are you somehow being put at risk? I’d have a list of questions.”

How does $75 monthly drive away people?  How does this put people at risk?  They (gov’t, super liberals, insurance carriers, etc) are threatened and so they are trying to create doubts in peoples’ minds.  Let the propaganda begin.

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