Disruptive Innovators Reinventing Healthcare


The headline is stolen from Dave Chase, the CEO of Avado.   It is a powerful statement and it is exactly what is needed right now.  Dave is also a proponent of Direct Primary Care (DPC) and I have used his columns here in Authentic Medicine before.  His latest piece is a callout for HealthTech VCs (or venture capitalists) to invest  in this trend:

The impressive thing with the examples above is they aren’t making tiny improvements. They are reducing unnecessary care by 30-80% and saving huge  sums of money (typically 15% or more) in a short period of time. These savings can provide a “health dividend” that can help fund the big bets outlined below. Incidentally, the various models I highlighted are in varied private/public scenarios ranging from 100% private pay to 100% government funded. Payment incentives matter more than the particular source of funding.

Please read the above article in Forbes and tell him what you think.   We need the right people on board and Dave Chase is one of those right people.

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