In the “Terminator” movies, the cyborg network SkyNet moves to destroy all humanity as threat to its permanent domination.  Likewise, the network of government, lackeys, and opportunists has created a MedNet that is well along toward wiping out all physician independence.
I hope you’re sitting, preferably with a double in hand.  In the latest issue of Medical Economics, this headline in the “Tech Talk” column:
“Cyber Insurance Now a Must for Medical Practices.”  The author quotes a study claiming that more than 1.5 million citizens have been affected by medical identity theft, to the tune of $30.9 billion.  Frankly, I’m more than a little skeptical, but I was too busy dodging laser blasts and tactical nukes to slow down to research exactly how THAT figure was ginned up.  The author – an executive for a risk management & insurance firm – is recommending that individual physicians buy policies to cover investigation expenses, credit monitoring, legal liability, PR, “cyber extortion“, and other coverage for the “defense of fines and penalties associated with HIPAA.”
– All practices should consider buying a policy to address their “risk profile.” The author closes with a warning from the future:  “The fines for protected health information violations are high enough to potentially put a small medical practice out of business.  That fact alone should make it worthwhile for you to investigate purchasing a cyber insurance policy for you practice.
So cash-strapped primary care doctors can now scrounge through the ruins for additional money to cover something most don’t want, and all are being forced to buy, to transmit data to allow others to further enslave them.