Hospital Administrators Amending Bylaws On Their Own


I am more and more disgusted with the way hospitals are trying to remove doctors from any decision making processes.  Take this story in the American Medical News called Calming A Culture Clash.  The article tries to shows how two parties can play nice.  In this fairy tale, a two year dispute between Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center and its medical staff was finally fixed.  It arose because the hospital center’s administration wanted to enact some bylaws but the medical staff refused and instead recommended a separate set of bylaws.  Finally, through some hard negotiations, it was all put to bed and a compromise was made.   Hooray.  Whatever.  First of all, why is this a culture clash?  What are administrators doing even meddling in bylaws?   I will tell you why.  It is called control. The rest of the article shows how this dangerous trend is becoming more and more common.

  • A cardiologist in California is suing a hospital that terminated his privileges and allegedly took over the medical staff’s control of a subsequent peer review process.
  • In Minnesota, medical staff leaders are suing a hospital they claim unilaterally changed their bylaws without the medical staff’s input.
  • A former medical staff president in Illinois recently settled with a medical center he accused of putting profits ahead of patient care after an admissions dispute in which he was threatened with termination.

There are so many more examples of the above around the country that if the article referenced them it would fill up many large books.   Doctors need to stop being pussies and fight back at every turn when these power grabs occur.  Don’t let them wear you down.  That is their plan and they usually win.   Don’t let them.

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