Industry of Mediocrity


If you have been a follower of this blog you would know that I have always used the teaching profession as a model for what is to come to the healthcare profession.  And it has been on the money almost every time.  Can you say No Child Left Behind?  Well, here is another great example as seen on the NBC news website.  It discusses the study put out by the National Council on Teacher Quality.  First, may I point out the use of the “quality” term in the name of the organization.   You will see how this is poetic justice but first the results of their study.  Basically, to sum up:

  • The teacher training system is badly broken, turning out rookie educators who have little hands-on experience running classrooms and are quickly overwhelmed by the job.  
  • The review found “an industry of mediocrity,” with the vast majority of programs earning fewer than three stars on a four-star rating scale – and many earning no stars at all.”
  • Freshly minted teachers “don’t know how to teach reading, don’t know how to master a classroom, don’t know how to use data,” said Kate Walsh, the council’s president. “The results were dismal.”

Of course these conclusions made them start looking for answers.   They first wanted to criticize the teaching institutions but why?  Colleges can only do so much.  Then they asked, “Where are all the mentors”?  Are you kidding me?   The answer, not mentioned in the article, is that they QUIT! You idiots.  With all your bogus P4P and teaching to the test demands, you made the experienced and best teachers leave!

Now let’s bring this to the healthcare system.  You are making doctors quit with unproven benchmarks and quality indicators, ridiculous mandates, disrespect, EMRs and loss of control.  You are trying to replace them with nurse practitioners who are less educated, less experienced and to mimic the quote above, “Don’t know how to master the exam room and don’t know how to use  data”.

This is happening right now.  I predict you will soon see a stupidly named organization like the National Council of Physician Quality doing a similar study in the future and finding the same results.  Medicine will be the next INDUSTRY OF MEDIOCRITY.  Actually, it is already.

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

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