Patient Loyalty


How much would it take for a patient to change physicians?  HealthPocket, a website that ranks and compares health plans, did a survey and found it would take $500 to $1000 a year.  I really think it is less than that.  I don’t have the reference now but I believe an increase of $10 to a copay would do the same trick.   I understand it (to a certain extent) but I also believe a really good doctor is hard to come by.   They say the Affordable Care Act is going to test this “patient loyalty” issue and I believe it.  The insurance companies are able to manipulate where you will go just by making you pay more of a copay or more of a bill to doctors they don’t like.  In other words, those doctors don’t make deals with them or satisfy some bogus quality indicator crap.   Those insurers wield too much power and influence and, to me, that is a crime.

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