Ridiculous Study of the Month


This one is going to make your laugh or cry or both.  A study that “tracked Floridians on welfare over nearly 20 years found that death rates were a half percent higher among those offered job training and pushed to find employment compared to those receiving unrestricted benefits”.  What?  Who does this kind of crap?  So in essence what they are concluding is that “pressuring welfare recipients to get a job or face losing their benefits may put them at a slightly increased risk of dying over the long term”.   So there you go.  Stop pressuring people to work, dammit.  Let them suffer being broke.  Let them suffer depression and low self-esteem.   Let their kids suffer the effects of being poor.    You surely don’t want them to risk the half percent increase chance of dying do you?   I have seen and blogged about stupid studies before but this one has got to be in the top ten.


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