Sanjay Thinks Primary Care Docs Matter


Sanjay Gupta MD thinks we family doctors are still needed.  Good for him and hooray for us.  I guess.   Here he writes a column about the shortage issue and expresses some worry about the overuse of urgent care centers.  It’s a typical non confrontational cheesy piece that doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings in trying to get his point across.  It turns out that having a primary care doctor is crucial.  That relationship is important for better care.  Urgent care centers run the risk of fragmenting that care.   I live in that world now and it’s disturbing.   Almost as disturbing as the blandness of Sanjay’s article.  It would be nice for one of these media docs to nut up and take a real stand on the primary care shortage problem instead of ignoring the pay issue, ripping on the insurers or placating the NPs.  Kind of like I do here every other freaking day.  Now I know why I didn’t get a TV show.

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