Medicare Phase Out


Here is a story about the third largest group of primary care doctors in Houston who have STOPPED taking new Medicare patients.  This decision is occurring all around the country.   There are many reasons why this is happening and you probably know most of them if you read this blog.   Here is a quote from the article:

The third largest group of primary care doctors in the Houston area claims the government insurer’s red tape and mandate of electronic record keeping very nearly strangled their business, so they had to act.  “New burdens, restrictions on medicines we can prescribe, restrictions on labs we can do, surgeries we can refer for,” said Van Zant.  And then there’s Medicare’s compensation which for Doctors hasn’t risen substantially since 2001.  “Can you imagine going to the auto workers and telling them you are not going to get a raise in 13 years? It would not happen,” said Van Zant.

I am seeing this Medicare phase out happen locally.  I am hearing about it all over the country.   I promise you that this will speed up even more when the bureaucratic idiots figure out the fix.  Why?  Because the fix will include nothing about the burdens, restrictions, or pay issues.  The fix will only be a law that states you cannot keep your medical license unless you agree to see Medicare patients.  You heard it here first.

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