Goodbye, American Medical News


I am very saddened to hear that the only good publication by the AMA, called the American Medical News, is shutting down.    I received an email from Kevin O’Reilly which included:

You’re getting this email because, in one capacity or another, you’ve helped me do my job. All good reporting is dependent on good sources willing to share what they know with others. Thank you for your help, and for being so generous with that scarcest of commodities — time.

The story about this publication is here from the Chicago Tribune.  The AMNews started doing this in 1958 and really was one of the ONLY things the AMA did right!  I referenced their articles all the time.   Heck, I was even in the publication a few times.  I have no idea why this publication lost money.  It must have been run poorly because the articles were great.    It is such a bummer to see them go because their articles were unique and not propaganda for the AMA.   The reporters, like Kevin O’Reilly and Damon Adams, were excellent. Goodbye, American Medical news.  You will be missed.

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