Pulling Out


This blog entry isn’t as lascivious as it sounds….or is it?  Aetna has decided not to enter the health insurance exchange market in NY.   They feel they don’t have the proper protection against lower rates forced and thrusted upon them by the state.  This is the fifth market it is has pulled out early in the past few weeks.  This is not good for the Affordable Care Act.    And it is not good for me.  I now will be among those people buying my own health insurance and, though I don’t live in NY, I hope there are appropriate and affordable options coming in Oct to Virginia.  I won’t be the only one.  In NY, where only about 17,000 currently buy their own insurance, it is expected to rise to over a million in three years.   If these big insurers keep walking from the plans then it could mean the path to single-payer is on its way.

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