RIP Dr. Ted Bacharach MD (retired)


For many, many years I have been publishing the wise words of Dr. Ted Bacharach.  He first found me through the Placebo Journal and then I met him in California when I did a presentation for his medical group.  What a great guy.  His writings defined Authentic Medicine and no matter how simple or long they would be, I would always include them here.  In fact, he wrote an entry only a month before he died, at the age of 90.

According to his obituary, “He lived life to the fullest, loving every minute. He was born in Frankfurt, Germany to Max and Sophie Bacharach. His early education was in Switzerland and New York. He graduated from Syracuse Medical School, in 1946. He retired from the military as a Lt. Colonel after more than 20 years of service. He married his college sweetheart Janet in December of 1944. He and his family traveled the world while in the military, always enjoying new places and experiences.” He practiced medicine until he was 84!  

I found out about his death just recently from his daughter.  She wrote, “My Dad, Dr. Theodore Bacharach, loved reading and submitting articles for Authentic Medicine.  You gave him a forum for doing something he loved – writing and sharing his views of medicine.  He passed away July 10.  Thank you for sharing his thoughts with your readers.”

I am saddened by this news.  I appreciated his thoughts so much.  It helped keep me, and many of my readers, grounded.  You will be missed, Dr. Ted.

If you want to leave some kind words, and I wish you would, for his family to read then just do so below.  I will forward them along.

Here is a list of some of Dr. Bacharach’s writings.  From my old blogger site, here is a search result with his entries:

From my present website:

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