E Cigarettes


A new study shows that electronic cigarettes and nicotine patches are equally effective at helping smokers quit.   Even more interesting, e-cigarettes were more effective in reducing cigarette use among smokers who didn’t quit.  The findings suggest that e-cigarettes are comparable to nicotine patches in helping people quit smoking for at least six months.  Also, people who took part in the study seemed to be much more enthusiastic about e-cigarettes than patches.    So, what are the side effects of e cigarettes?  Well, it is still early to tell.  Some studies show it does cause some airway resistance.  Otherwise, the jury is still out but it looks like it may be a pretty good option.  And, Jenny McCarthy does commercials for the Blu brand so we have to trust her instinct.  You know, with her anti vaccine stance and all.   Okay, that was a cheap shot.  Sorry.

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