It’s Always The Doctor’s Fault, Right?


Let me ask you doctors out there one easy question.   What is the biggest stress you have when a patient comes in and they obviously have a cold?   Most, if not all, of you will say the impending fight over why you are not giving them an antibiotic.  I have given you my personal example on this blog before.  Anyway, it was to my surprise when I saw this article in Men’s Health that it is the DOCTOR’S FAULT for pushing antibiotics!  You have got to be kidding me.    Even better, was good old Ted Epperly MD, past president of the AAFP, who was quoted as the big source in the piece.   He is the Men’s Health family advisor, you know.   Dude, if you are going to “lend” your services to rag mags like Men’s Health, you may want to control some of the material.    It is not always possible but is it worth selling your colleagues out with a headline like that?   Probably not.

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