More Generics, Fewer Freebies


Last week I mentioned my sadness when I heard the American Medical News publication had shut down.  Well, The Atlantic made a connection between the decline of Big Pharma’s profits to the decline of AMNews:

That trade publications and medical journals suffer as a downstream effect of cheaper generic medications becoming available (which many physicians advocate, in the interest of making treatments more accessible to patients) further confuses the relationship between academia and industry.

Yes, the freebies are gone my friends.   The problem is that doctors are also very cheap (or have the mindset that everything should be free).  I know this way too well with the demise of my Placebo Journal.  Getting doctors to pay for anything is like getting blood from a stone.   That being said, the times have changed and we just need to get used to that.  The Big Pharma events are extinct.  The reps are going away.   And the AMNews is gone.

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