Putting an 80 Year Old on Steroids


As a doctor I see a lot of elderly men with lung problems who  need to go on steroids.     That is why I was surprised to see the headline about an 80 year old man getting busted for being on them.   Am I doing something illegal with these patients?  I’m kidding.  The real story is that the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s suspended Don Ramos of Colorado Springs because he tested positive for steroids while attempting to set a world record in his age group at the Pan American Masters Weightlifting Championships in June.   That test has got to be the easiest one to find cheaters.  Let’s see, he is 80 so any testosterone at ALL in his system should be a red flag!  But I have to say this, who gives a flying crap?  He is almost at this end of his natural life expectancy and the testosterone is letting him do more than most 50 year olds do.   Instead of punishing him we should be studying his protocol.   And then I am going on it.

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