End of Nov For Obamacare


Yes, that is what the government pledges.  All will be great around turkey day.  All they need is 5 more weeks!  FIVE MORE!  So, to summarize, let’s pretend this is a company that wants to survive and make a profit.  They come out with a product and the system fails.  They claim they were overwhelmed, kind of like Apple got with there new iPhone release.  Then they claim it’s a conspiracy by tea partiers or Republicans or Fox News trying to sabotage the system.  Then the real news starts leaking out.  They were never ready.  People were warned.  It was never tested or tested poorly when it was.

Here is Rep. Anna Eshoo of California, a Democrat,  who “took issue with assertions by the companies and the Obama administration that one reason for the problems was overwhelming traffic on the site from people trying to enroll for coverage”:

“Amazon and eBay don’t crash the week before Christmas,” Eshoo said. “ProFlowers doesn’t crash on Valentine’s Day.”

And now we get this:


“We are confident that by the end of the November, healthcare.gov will be smooth for the vast majority of users,” Zients (a newly appointed chief White House economic adviser for the website) told reporters on a conference call.

That would make it 9 weeks before it is working.  Any other company, not supported by our taxes, would go under.  So how can this stay afloat?  Well, for one, there are no alternatives as competition is not allowed.  Second, they can spend as much as they want because the DO have our taxes as a never ending source.   Remember there is a price tag for all this.  Let’s see how that is hidden from us in the future because it is going to be enormous!

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