Healthcare Exchange Down Day One


I am sincerely NOT trying to make this political.  In fact, as an independent contractor, I have to buy health insurance for my whole family.  I need this new system to work.  Unfortunately, on day one, the site was down.  ON DAY ONE!  DOWN ALL DAY! Once again, I am not trying to make a political statement here.  I don’t believe in the former insurance model nor do I believe in socialized medicine so I am impartial at this point.  I am just saying that how can a company or agency be so poorly run that we could not get on the site on day one?   I mentioned this on FB and got all these excuses thrown at me.  They were overwhelmed.  There are hackers trying to make the system look bad.  Waaa, waaa, waaa.  Bullshit.  Stop crying.    These idiots had years to get this thing set up and they failed in hour one and never came back all day.   This is not a death penalty because the government has endless money (ours) and we have no other option.  That being said, a private company would be out of business if this happened to them.

The Republicans didn’t need to shut this thing down.  It shut itself down!

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