The AAFP Propaganda Machine


We are in the field of science.  We should be able to look at studies and decipher what is utter bullshit and what is not.  When I look at the American Academy of Family Practice and see them put out an article with the title below, I get pissed:

FPs at Top of Recruitment List for Seventh Straight Year

Obviously, it was written to give some excitement to their audience/readers.  As one of the few family docs who reads their crap, I immediately saw through their hyperbole.  Here are the highlights from the piece:

  • The survey looked at medical specialties based on candidate population size and found that family medicine still is the “most requested and difficult search out there in terms of the sheer number of requests,” said Travis Singleton, senior vice president for Merritt Hawkins.
  •  “Family physicians are our No. 1 search request because of the demand, not just because of how big the specialty is.”
  • According to Merritt Hawkins, other factors also are driving the demand for family physicians. During the past decade, hospitals and health care systems have spent hundreds of millions of dollars building neuroscience labs, orthopedic centers, and heart and cancer centers. Increasingly, there is a realization among these hospitals and health centers that they need a primary care referral network to meet the needs of patients accessing the facilities, said Singleton.

Sounds great, right?  Then they drop the bombshell:

  • Despite the demand for family medicine, however, the average salary offered to FPs in the Merritt Hawkins search assignments dropped slightly……..

Yup, you got it.  Somehow the world of healthcare has turned the basic theory of economics on its head; higher demand, decreased supply resulting in LOWERING OF PAY?!?

Maybe the AAFP publication could have entitled the piece:

FPs Needed But No One Will Pay Them What They Are Worth (Find Another Career or Go The Direct Primary Care Route).

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