New Career For MDs by Aaron Levine MD


There are several alternative careers for physicians. Robin Cook and Michael Crichton became authors and screen writers. Sir Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes. Some entered politics. There was a radio commercial this past spring about a husband/wife physician team who ventured out to a form of home remodeling as an alternative to their practice. Now for an ever better career. I was shaving while listening to the Houston PBS show this morning (does this mean I have to up my pledge?) and the story involved how vendors at the local renaissance fair are changing careers and making the tour a full time job.  It turns out that there is a physician selling dead rats (stuffed, I presume) at The Plague Shop. The reporter said he was trained in wound care, but was now transitioning to this as a full time occupation by covering several renaissance fairs in the country.

PAs and FNPs are allowed to perform abortions unsupervised in California (lets not get diverted by the abortion argument). Texas will allow triplicate medications to be prescribed by them as well. The VA has taken the policy that PAs and FNP can practice unsupervised in VA hospitals and clinics. I was not clear if this included specialty clinics or general clinics.   I learned there are plenty of rats in the New York Subway system and the Houston Astrodome to allow the doctor a profitable alternative career.

I guess when the President said you can keep your doctor, this is what he meant?

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