Obamacare at Six Weeks


It has been six week since the Healthcare.gov has opened and still nothing.  This is what CBS is just reporting:

Around 50,000 people so far have reportedly successfully enrolled in a private health insurance plan via HealthCare.gov, according to the Wall Street Journal and CBS News’ confirmation from industry analysts.

Only 50,000?  In six weeks!  And how much has this cost so far?

I have been locked in the verify stage called “in progress”.  I had to send a copy of my license (why?) and no one will tell me what is going on or how to sign up.  Six weeks.  When I started writing on this blog about this mess since the first of October, I received comments like the one below from Ryan:

I have to actually defend the government on this one. While a website/server crashed with high demand is certainly unacceptable, as long as companies that actual specialize in this sort of thing have these same issues, I can’t fault the government.

Rockstar games released Grand Theft Auto 5 online play October 1st (game released september 17); players of the game are JUST STARTING to be able to play online. For most players, online isn’t available yet and Rockstar has a two weeks of sales lead time to correctly account for maximum demand. Diablo III (another highly anticipated video game by Blizzard) took more than two weeks to get the online game up for all players. While Rockstar doesn’t do AS much with online gaming, Blizzard is better known for World of Warcraft. Server set up for online gaming is a defining feature of Blizzard entertainment and the company has been specializing in large volume online players for more than 10 YEARS. They had pre-order numbers to give an idea of numbers to deal with. And even with years of experience and good predictions they COULDN’T KEEP THEIR SERVERS UP. They had the SAME PROBLEM that the ACA websites are having.

ACA websites had no solid predictors of numbers (you can’t pre-sale insurance) and this is the first time any health insurance company has ever had to deal with a nationwide rollout. Yes it is bad for business and yes the guy who predicted demand should be sweating his job. But right now, the ACA website is in the same place as private sector businesses (that had greater technical expertise and experience) so I can’t fault them for it. If the best of private sector company takes 2-3 weeks to get with it, then I can’t blame the government for not getting its act together in the same amount of time.

Don’t get me wrong, if Nov. 1 rolls about and the ACA website is down, my voice will join the chorus of bitching and incompetence as loud as any. But if the private sector can’t do it, I sure as hell am not going to put it on the government.

Well, Ryan, it is Nov 12th? Where is your voice?

Lastly, we all should be embarrassed by our government on this one.  Forget about being a Democrat or Republican for a second.  In fact, if you are a Democrat then you should be pissed that the government screwed up a chance to throw this thing into the Republicans’ faces.  This is about broken promises.   Personally, I need this thing to work.  I like the fact that they took away the pre-existing condition issue from insurers who use it to screw patients.   What I don’t want is a piece of crap that doesn’t work for the first six weeks and everyone telling me to have faith.

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