Specialty Imbalance


Here is an article on a Wichita, KS site (public radio) that goes into detail about the imbalance between primary care and specialists in this country.   They make some nice points and I recommend you read it.   There is something missing, however.   The author focused a lot on KU School of Medicine in Wichita and a rural rotation with Dr. Gayle Goetzen and Dr. Kellerman, chair of the Department of Family and Community Medicine at Wichita’s KU School of Medicine.    It is a nice story but when they talk about a “fix” to get more primary care doctors there is nothing about direct primary care.  I find that funny because the leader of this movement is Atlas.MD, which is located right in that same city!   Was there some agenda by the school or the other docs not to mention this method?  One has to wonder.


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