Code Lavender


This just in: doctors are human beings.  At the Cleveland Clinic, they are support this new found discovery by having a Code Lavender program, which “aims to support nurses and physicians during emotionally troubling or exhausting times, often after experiencing the death of one or several patients.”  Here are some other highlights from the Huffington Post piece:

  • Within 30 minutes of a call, the Clinic’s team of holistic nurses arrives at the unit in need to provide Reiki and massage, healthy snacks and water, and lavender arm bands to remind the nurse or physician to take it easy for the rest of the day.
  • It is helpful because it’s nice to get your stress out. It’s also good to know that our workplace feels our pain and is willing to be there for us.

I think this is great.  In fact, the whole medical professional needs a Code Lavender program.  Sure, the outpatient doctors don’t see the acute and devastating emergencies which emotionally break them down like the hospital folk, but instead they slowly burn and become crispy like melba toast.   I am all for the mindfulness programs that are springing up to help these professionals but unfortunately, nothing will fix their burnout until they gain back some control of the system they are working in.

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