Primary Care Education


This was what was written in a side section of the Oct Family Practice News:

Medical schools with the subject of three strong resolutions from New Hampshire delegates tired of hearing about professors who shoot down primary care as a career option.

Delegates didn’t like that either and voted for the AAFP to poll new residents about what medical school faculty said regarding about family care, and to figure out how many medical school graduates go to primary care each year and how many are still added five years later.

The big hammer, though, was a vote from delegates for the academy to consider a push to link medical school accreditation and CMS education reimbursements to number of graduates going to primary care.

Is it me or are these delegates clueless?  Yes, professors are telling students not to go into primary care.  So is every other family doctor.   Why?  Pay!  Why else?  Because they are grooming LELTs to take over.   Instead of trying to punish medical schools, why don’t you fix the problem by making the profession more attractive to go into?  Or I guess you can use your big hammer (is that hysterical or what?  Maybe it is a phallic metaphor?) to try and create laws to force students into going into the field.  Yeah, like that is going to work.

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