Stereotyping from the AMA by Pat Conrad MD

This showed up in the mailbox last week, and I thought it was hilarious, in a head-shaking, damn-this-is-ridiculous sort of way.  Inside one learns that Mercedes-Benz “will contact the AMA for membership verification”, after which appropriate program forms and control numbers are generated to present to the local dealer to get an “applicable incentive” for purchase or lease.
Yes I know that other auto companies have offered similar inducements, and no, I’m not dumping on either capitalism in general, nor Mercedes in specific.  I do find it rather unfortunate that the millionaire doctor stereotype is reinforced yet again, a stereotype too often inferred by helpful attorneys and class warrior politicians seeking to inflame the envious and aggrieved.  But what really caught my eye is the good ol’ AMA emblem on the cover.  So the AMA is out to help get me a good deal on a fancy car?  Thanks, but I’ll keep my pickup truck (just try hauling a Christmas tree in the back of a loaded coupe – good luck getting the sap off the leather).
If the AMA was worth even a damn, they would not worry about luxury car discounts for members who are clearly busy screwing themselves into even more regulation, more interference, declining revenues, and – from the looks of the brochure prices – even worse debt..  This is the real face of the AMA – fiddling around the edges, ignoring the hard questions, and taking you for a sweet ride.


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