Energy Drinks


Should you use them?  I want to say no but I needed some on a long trip recently so that would make me a hypocrite.  Here is an article which does a decent job showing why they are dangerous.  I don’t disagree but I am more intrigued with the fact that we  continue to look for the Holy Grail to treat our fatigue.  It is the most common complaint I see in the office.  It is the most common complaint I hear at home.  It is the most common complaint I make to myself.   The money spent trying to find the answer or fix the issue (i.e. energy drinks) is amazing.  The answer for our fatigue epidemic, unfortunately, is elusive because it is so multifactorial.   I don’t know for sure but I bet my money that the answer includes such things as poor diet, poor sleep, too much electronics, too little exercise, too much stress and not enough rest.  No pill or drink can fix all that.

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