Send in the Scribe


So, welcome to the new normal.   I had heard of scribes before but thought they were Monks who helped write things down centuries ago because there was no printing press.   Well, now scribes are back as discussed in this NYT article:

Without much fanfare or planning, scribes have entered the scene in hundreds of clinics and emergency rooms. Physicians who use them say they feel liberated from the constant note-taking that modern electronic health records systems demand. Indeed, many of those doctors say that scribes have helped restore joy in the practice of medicine, which has been transformed — for good and for bad — by digital record-keeping.

The end game seems interesting – that is being an authentic doctor again – but can any of you afford to have a scribe?  Companies typically charge $20 to $25 per hour for scribes so probably not.  So instead of deconstructing this terrible healthcare model and going back to our roots (direct primary care) we now have to adapt with more money coming out of our pocket.   Sounds like a terrible idea to me.  It’s called giving in.

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