$500K in Student Debt


This Forbes article is for the newbies thinking about becoming a doctor or for the idiots who can’t figure out why no medical student wants to go into primary care anymore.  It highlights the lack of attention being paid to the brutal burden of school loans.  Here was the summary:

For much of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 we’ve argued, fussed and fought over who should get access to our often heralded healthcare system. But hasn’t the time come to look more holistically at the system we’ve built and build something better? Not just for patients – which is really all of us at some point  but for those on the very front lines of trying to save our lives. They don’t always succeed and I am openly critical of the system they are forced to grapple with daily. But the challenge is this. If we’re not careful on this exact issue  we’ll turn around one day and they just won’t be there. Whatever else we can or can’t afford, we really can’t afford that.

This reminds me of the metaphor I use in my speaking gigs.  When flying, the airline attendant always reminds you that in case of an emergency put the oxygen mask on yourself and then the loved ones you are responsible for.  Why?  Because if you die then you can’t save them.

If physicians go then who will save the patients?

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